What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort?

Escort service, which is growing as one of the most sought after services in the world, has often been confused with the term ‘prostitution’. Is escort synonymous to prostitution? Why people perceive that these two terms are related to each other? Well, many reasons are there for connecting these two terms. The commonest reason is that many nonprofessional agencies endorse prostitution under the disguise of escort service. So, those who are seeking escort service, it is absolutely important for them to know the difference between escort and prostitution. In the following section we shall discuss those differences.

Service for Physical Satisfaction

Both escort and prostitution have been considered as services for physical satisfaction. However, in case of prostitution, clients have certain risks. Prostitutes are not professional, and they can cheat on clients by not fulfilling their demands or fetishes. Escort girls are more passionate towards the job, and they want to fulfill physical demands o the clients with precision. However, escort is not just all about adult entertainment, physical satisfaction and erotic fun. It is about giving quality companionship to a person. An escort can be a friend for the lifetime. It is more ethical on building relationships with clients.

Questions for Legitimacy

Prostitution has certain legal hassles, as the industry has been considered as linked with illegal human trafficking. On the other hand, escort service is fair as well as square. They do not have legal hassles in offering. Basically, hot and passionate girls come to this industry for money. They also come for fulfilling their passion of meeting hot men and having erotic fun with them. They also come to the industry to find value of true relationships without any burdens. Many nonprofessional escort agencies offer prostitution in disguise of escort service. Opting for such services will definitely attach risks for legal hassles. If you go for the service of registered as well as legitimate provider or agency, there would not be any legal hassles.

Escort Service for Fun

Prostitution is all about having physical pleasure or meeting demand of lust. Typically, prostitution service has been offered as a time bound service to clients. With escort service, there is nothing time bound. You can choose to date a girl, and if you like her you can stay with her as long as you want. It is ideally a relationship between two adults, based upon their liking to each other. Thus, value of relationship is more genuine in case of escort service rather than prostitution. So, if you are seeking wild fun with a charming, gorgeous and hot partner to a new city of the USA, opt for the escort service. You would definitely get a companion who can be the reason for your smiles.

Comparison in terms of Professional

Escort service is more professionally driven industry than prostitution. In many cases, clients do not get service, as promised with prostitution service. But, with escort service full satisfaction is guaranteed. You can have utmost physical pleasure, not just on bed but through erotic dancing, private striptease and hot body massaging.

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